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Top Tips on Cheap Makeup Brushes

Top Tips on Cheap Makeup Brushes

We all rely on our make up to ensure we look and feel confident before we leave the house. But how we apply our make up is equally important as this will give our makeup the professional and polished finished that looks great all day long.

To get a polished and perfect finish, make-up brushes are a must! But do we have to fork out a huge amount of cash to get a decent brush?

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No, cheap make-up brushes are quickly becoming the most popular choice for the girls in the know!

All make-up brushes get tired and dirty, even expensive ones. But cleaning and maintaining your expensive make-up brush can be difficult. Many of us have one make-up brush for each job it has to do – so one eye shadow brush and one blusher brush. When you decide to clean these, frequently they won’t be dry in time for the next time you will need them.

This is why cheap make-up brushes are a better option. With a cheap make-brush, you can simply throw it away and buy another one. It sounds frivolous, but the minimal cost of these brushes encourages this.

When you are looking for cheap make-up brushes, there are a few things you need to check before going ahead with your purchase.


Look at the bristle of the brush. With cheaper brushes, they will be made of man-made fibers, which is fine, but at times these can be rather rough. They don’t need to be, so test the ends of the bristles against the back of your hand or the inside part of your arm. This should indicate whether they will irritate your skin or not.

You would be wise to have a quick look at the handle as well. There are very rarely any issues with the handles in cheap brushes but do make sure that the handles are smooth and easy to hold.


There is nothing more frustrating that a brush that loses its bristles – especially as they usually end up all over your face. Not a good look! There are two ways of seeing whether your cheap make-up brushes will shed their bristles too quickly and freely. The first way is to look at the bind between the bristles and the handle, this is called the ferrule. Usually, the bristles are locked to the handle in two ways – with glue and with a metal type clasp. Make sure that the metal clasp is tight and sealed well. This will help to keep your cheap makeup brush useful for longer. The strength of the glue is the other factor that helps to prevent bristle loss.

You need to wiggle the brush, preferably over your skin or a piece of white paper to see whether it sheds. By checking the ferrules which join the bristles and the handle and moving the brush over skin or white paper – you will see whether it is going to be strong enough for everyday use.

Cheap makeup brushes are everywhere and because they are becoming popular, they are improving. The standard of this type of brush is now much higher than it used to be – there is little need nowadays to fork out for an expensive brush.