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How to Apply Mascara in 2019

How to Apply Mascara

Mascara is an indispensable companion of every woman who wants to make up herself and to pointed eyes, but many women still don’t know how to use mascara correctly. The basic task of mascara is to emphasize our eyelashes and divert attention to our eyes. That is why you should not neglect the correct applying!

  • Before you put on your makeup check the expiry date. Old mascara is likely to cause eye irritation.
  • After purchasing a new mascara, first, wash the makeup brushes under hot water and thus get rid of any lumps that have occurred while waiting in the shop.
  • Before you put it on, you soak makeup brush only once in your color. That will prevent the excess paint accumulated in lumps on your lashes.
  • Apply mascara first to the places where you have the longest eyelashes and then proceed to the outer corner and finally to the internal angle of the eye. Then go to the lower lashes.
  • You can remove the excess amount of mascara with cotton wool sticks, moisten them with remover od makeup, glued eyelash separate with brush purred before the mascara dries off.

Apply mascara at the end when you already finish makeup. To change the appearance experiment with a different mascara. For daily use, you can, for example, use mascara to extend lashes, for an evening out use mascara that thickens eyelashes. To remove makeup, always use tonic or milk. Apply it on cotton, then ten seconds hold it on closed eyes. Makeup will come off itself, this will also make it easier to remove. When removing makeup from eyelash never rub it, you can damage eye brush.

In the end, do not forget to care for your lashes. Some mascaras contain two parts. Beside black brush mascaras have on the other side also a white serum that protects eyelashes. The serum can also be applied alone because it contains many nourishing ingredients, they will take care that your eyelashes will be beautiful and nursed. Apply serum at bedtime. You would see the difference within one month.