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Do You Know How Teeth Whitening Works? 2019 Guide!

Do You Know How Teeth Whitening Works? 2019 Guide!
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Teeth whitening are one of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures at the local dental clinics. It is simply amazing how the procedure provides the confidence of a great smile, makes you feel younger, and leaves more impactful meaningful first impressions. While there are many options for whitening teeth, the most effective is in-office whitening.

How long does the whitening effect last?

When you opt for teeth whitening at your local dental clinic, you can expect the effects to last at least three years. However, the period varies from one individual to another. Of course, if you partake in any of the activities that are likely to stain your teeth, the whitening effect lasts only a shorter period.

When consulting about a teeth whitening procedure, your dentist will confirm the period it should last after conducting a pre-examination, while discussing your lifestyle choices, as well.

Which teeth whitening technique/procedure is considered best?

The array of whitening treatments is quite vast and some of the most commonly used ones include bonding and veneers, whitening strips, intrinsic whitening, in-home whitening, and using the appropriate brushing and flossing techniques. While each one of the aforementioned techniques produces results, the best procedure ultimately depends on your dental whitening needs, as well as your oral health. By scheduling an appointment at a dental clinic, you can get all the advice you’ll ever need regarding the most suitable technique.

Does teeth whitening cause teeth enamel loss or nerve damage?

No. Contrary to popular belief, teeth whitening does not cause any kind of harm or damage to tooth enamel or nerves. Even though enamel is located on the outermost section of your teeth, no stains are absorbed during whitening. Instead, dentine – the tissue below the enamel, absorbs most of the staining. Note that in-office whitening procedures and techniques have undergone rigorous testing and research over many decades and are guaranteed to be both safe and highly effective.

Can you eat immediately after undergoing a teeth whitening procedure?

How Teeth Whitening Works

You’ll be glad to know that you can begin consuming your favorite foods right away after undergoing teeth whitening. Even so, dental practitioners recommend that you consume clear drinks and white foods for at least 48 hours following the procedure. The foods recommended include plain chicken, fish, chips, potatoes, milk, cereals, plain pasta, white wine, and white sauces. Avoid consuming any colored foods and drinks and do not smoke at all within the period indicated.

Does whitening get rid of white spots?

You probably go to great lengths to keep your smile brilliant white as much as possible. However, any white spots or white discolorations appearing on your teeth are unappealing and most people feel they are bothersome. With teeth whitening, a dentist can apply the right balance so that your tooth enamel matches the color of the discoloration. Even so, the treatment might not be sufficient for all cases of discoloration.

Most reputable dental clinics are friendly and apply state-of-the-art practices when performing teeth whitening procedures. Therefore, if you wish to know more about the procedure that would suit you best, do not hesitate to schedule a dental appointment.