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Good and Bad Habits 2 to 10-Year Babies


Two brothers are the total opposites of each other. One bother has good habits while the other bother has bad ones. The boy with good habits is organized and clean, whereas his brother is messy and dirty. From the start of the day, they have different ways of doing their work. Just look at their morning routine and you will understand.

Morning Routine

Good Habits

1. He wakes up early in the morning and his whole day goes well

2. Immediately after waking up he says a morning prayer

3. He always makes his bed in the morning.

4. After brushing his teeth properly and bathing, He does his Pray.

Bad Habits

1. He wakes up late and as a result, he is always late for everything.

2. When someone tries to wake him up, he gets angry and goes back to sleep

3. When he does wake up, he jumps out of bed without praying.

4. He never makes his bed. He leaves it messy all day long.

Brushing Your Teeth

Baby Brushing Teeth

Teeth are very important for the digestive system. After one’s baby teeth have fallen out, the new set of teeth are lifetime tools for chewing food. People who take care of their teeth have smiles that can light up a room. But people who don’t have good habits, and don’t care for their teeth, will lose them at an early age. They will face many difficulties when they try to eat. You might be wondering how you should care for your teeth. Let’s take a look at these two boys and you will find out.

Good Habits

1. He uses only vegetarian and a clean soft bristle toothbrush.

2. He cleans both sides of his teeth with up-down and inside-outside movement of the toothbrush.

3. He brushes every carefully and cleans even the corners of his teeth.

4. He cleans every part of his mouth. He also cleans his tongue to make sure his breath is fresh.

5. After brushing he gargles with clean water to clean his throat.

Bad Habits

1. His toothbrush is dirty and he uses toothpaste that has gelatine (bone powder in it!)

2. He brushes randomly with so much pressure that he hurts his gums and teeth.

3. He brushes very carelessly and as a result, plaque sticks to his teeth.

4. He rarely cleans his tongue making his breath stink.

5. He never gargles properly he gargles quickly and without using enough water.

Eating Habits

Baby Eating Habits

Our food is a gift from God. Food provides the body with nutrients that keep us healthy. No one can live for long without eating food. A person who does not respect food will never attain good health and will fall ill. What does respecting food mean? The boy with the good habits will you how to respect food, and the one with bad habits will you what disrespecting food means.

Good Habits

1. He eats after reciting the proper prayers and thanking God for his meal.

2. He eats what is served to him without complaining.

3. He chews his food thoroughly before swallowing it. He eats with his right hands.

4. He washes his dish after he has finished eating.

Bad Habits

1. He eats without reciting the prayers and he eats with his mouth wide open.

2. He is picky about the food he eats and he plays and around with his food.

3. He never chews his food properly and gulps it down in a hurry.

4. He always takes too much food and wastes it. He leaves his dish dirty and does not clean it.

Handy Habits

Baby Handy Habits

What would we do if we did not have any hands? Just think about it. If we did not have hands, how would we eat? How would we write? How would wear clothes? Life would be very difficult! Hands are not just for show; they have been given to us by God so we can do many wonderful things. We must make sure that we use our hands to perform righteous tasks. But to do good things with our hands, we must have good thoughts. We should make a habit to help others and not to hurts anyone.

Good Habits

1. He is always ready to give a helping hand at home.

2. He is always ready to do physical service.

3. He does his homework and studies her. He has good penmanship.

4. He welcomes guests by folding his hands and saying hello.

Bad Habits

1. He never helps anyone, even if someone asks for his help.

2. When playing he fights with his friends and hurts them.

3. He is careless and breaks other people’s property.

4. He does not join others when they are doing service.