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Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker Review

Fisher price provides the support needed for children learning to walk through the sturdy baby walker that can help to encourage those first steps. The popular style of walker is bound to capture the attention of the child, with the classic busy toys that can help to stimulate the child, while providing a sturdy platform for the child to grasp while taking those first steps.

Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

There are flipping doors, sliding beads, and gears that can be turned on the colorful baby walker. Complimented with bright stickers and a colorful spinning ball in the center of the walker, the child can be entertained long after the baby walker is being used to encourage first steps in the child.

Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

The plastic design is durable enough for young infants to use for play, and transition into a walking tool and even for toddlers that are learning to identify numbers and colors. The design is a versatile choice for parents that are looking for a toy and walker that can be used for multiple children, as the classic design is easily passed throughout family members and used for boys, as well as girls.

The sturdy design of the walker is completed with an ergonomic handle that allows the child a textured grasp on the walker. This can help to encourage confidence, but can also be an effective way for the child to have a firm hold on the walker. This way, the child can be encouraged to take those steps.

Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

The secure grasp is the perfect height for infants that are learning to stand upright, learning to walk and infants that are simply beginning to notice the various textures and movements that can be made in their environment.

With classic colors and designs, this walker is a learning tool for parents – and all of this comes at an affordable price. Available for just over thirty dollars, the activity walker is an investment that can be made by parents for multiple stages, through multiple children.

The Bright Starts Activity Walker is the perfect choice for parents, and available through retail locations, department stores and even through online stores that sell Fisher Price products.

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