How to Find the Best Home Coffee Maker for Your Taste In-Depth Guide

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Best Home Coffee Makers Made Easy

With so many different types of coffee makers available for purchase these days, offering an array of features, shopping for a new coffee maker may seem like a daunting task. So, how do you go about finding the best home coffee maker to suit your needs? Well, one way to narrow down your choices is to analyze your coffee drinking habits before starting your search for that new coffee maker.

Best Home Coffee Maker

For example, how many cups of coffee do you drink each day? If you typically drink just one or two cups a coffee at a time, then you might want to consider a drip model that has only a one or two cup capacity. Another option might be to consider a more recent type of coffee maker called a “pod.” These machines are typically single-serve and make use of small coffee packets.

Now that you have determined how many cups of coffee you drink each day, how long is it between each cup? Do you immediately drink one cup after another, or do you space them out throughout the day? If you do space out your coffee drinking throughout the day, you are probably familiar with that burnt smell that comes after the glass pot has been sitting on the warming plate for too long. In addition to the burnt smell, your coffee may no longer be fresh. If this were the case, your best option would be to consider a stainless steel thermal coffee maker. This type of model features a stainless steel carafe that will keep your coffee warm for hours without using a warming plate. Another great feature of this coffee maker is the ability to take a carafe with you anywhere in the house.

Another question you might ask yourself about coffee makers is, how well do you function first thing in the morning? If you can barely open your eyes when you get out to the kitchen, then perhaps a machine with an automatic timer would be best. Setting these types of coffee makers up the night before will allow for your coffee to be ready for you when you wake up the next morning (not to mention allowing you a few additional minutes of sleep!). Another convenient feature useful to us making coffee when we’re half asleep is a permanent coffee filter. This allows for one less step in the process, with no need to find and install a paper filter.

Finally, if it’s convenient that you ultimately seek in a coffee maker, then there are several great features offered on today’s coffee makers to take advantage of it. One such part is that of a built-in Brita water filter, helping to ensure a terrific cup of coffee. Another great feature to look for is “pause and serve.” This will allow you to pause the brewing coffee, and in the meantime, pour a cup or two. Lastly, if you prefer to grind your coffee beans, you may wish to consider a “grind and brew” coffee maker.

This type of machine will grind whole coffee beans and then immediately brew your coffee.

So remember, by assessing your coffee drinking habits before starting your search, you are much more likely to find the best home coffee maker with those features best suited to your needs.