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Baby Shower Ultimate Guide 2019

Baby Shower Ultimate Guide 2019

All you need to know about baby showers. Featuring great tips and ideas on hosting an unforgettable baby shower party.

Baby Shower Centerpiece Idea

The baby shower is especially meaningful to the expected moms as she anticipates for her new baby. Creativity such as incorporating games and decorations can go a long way towards making the shower extra special.

Usually, when most people think about centerpieces, the first thing that comes to mind is floral arrangements. You can fill this special event with treasure memories by being a bit more creative.

You can include centerpieces that range from matching the color of your decorations to fitting with the shower theme. Because a baby shower is a very special event and is a joy for everyone involved, you should try to make it as most unique, and memorable as possible.

Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Create the centerpiece by either using solid white disposable diapers or cloth. Simply roll the diapers and stand upright on a nice cake platter. Secure by tying them around with a bow. You can add a second or third level using the same fashion. Finally, decorate with some ribbons roses. Be creative and amuse your guests.

Balloon Centerpiece

Add an accent to your centerpiece by tying a baby shower balloon to the centerpiece you created.

Baby Shower Decoration & Idea

Baby Shower Decoration & Idea

Having a Baby Shower is a wonderful way of welcoming a new life into the world. You can try to make this event a most memorable as possible.

Gift displays to punch bowls and walls decorations can all help add style to your shower party. Here are some great decoration tips that will help you to host a unique and extraordinary baby shower.

Baby Showers Decoration Ideas

Punch Bowl

Add a unique touch to the punch bowl by decorating it with floating ice rings and fruits. New clean rubber duckies floating in the bowl can also delight your guests. Instead of serving punch in a punch bowl, you can also try to use a new clean baby bathtub.


Use pacifiers as balloon weights or napkin rings can help and enhance the shower.


Balloons are one of the best and easiest decorations for any party. There are many ways you can use balloons to add tough to your baby shower. Tie helium-filled balloons to chairs and staircases, or use baby items such as toys and stuffed animals as anchors to tie them down.


You can try and twists two or more streamers of different colors together to match the rest of your decorations. Streamers can be cascade from the ceiling, around staircases, or hang on walls to heighten the appearances of your shower party.

Gifts Display

Try and use something babyish such as a bassinet, a cradle, or a stroller to hold some of the gifts. If it overflows, place some of the gifts on the floor around the gift holder. This display will make a terrific picture for the baby book.

Umbrella Decoration

Hang the umbrella upside down from the ceiling above the gift table, having the umbrella in the open position. Hang streamers off of it, letting some tumbledown past the edge of the umbrella. You can also fill it with non-helium balloons. This will add creativeness to your shower as well as amazing your guests.

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

You don’t need to have games at the shower. However, if any of the guests don’t know each other, games should be part of the party. This will help the guests to know each other, get involved with the party, and have fun.

Involving games may help you to host an unforgettable baby shower.

Usually, 3 games should be sufficient because you may not want guests to play games throughout the entire party. This will allow time for visits, have snacks and refreshments, and open presents.

Baby Showers Games Ideas

Baby Bingo

You can create your own set of the baby bingo game. Instead of using numbers, you can use words that relate to babies. Each column is then become a category. For example, column B is baby names, column I is feeding essentials, and etc.

When playing, use the normal bingo rules. The first person to get a line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally is the winner.

The baby bingo game can add flavor to your shower. But it takes a lot of time to prepare.

Trivia Game

Entertain your guests with a baby trivia question. Test your guest’s knowledge and keep track of their score.

Drawing Game

This will be a team game. Each team tries to guess what their team member is drawing. If they get it right within the time limit, their team scores. At the end of the game, the team with the highest scores wins.

Guessing the Mother Tummy Size

Some people may not be comfortable with their waistline being measured. If you want to play this game, you should ask the expected mother first.

Pass a ball of yarn around and ask each guest to cut off the amount that they think is the waistline of the expected mother. The guest comes closest to the actual waistline wins.

Baby Word Scramble Game

Use about 10 babies related words and scramble the letters. Photocopy the scrambled words on a sheet of paper and give it to each guest. Try to unscramble the words within the given time limits (eg: 5 minutes)

Baby Shower Theme

Baby Shower Theme

Baby Shower can also have a theme. A theme will make the party seem more organized. Be sure to indicate the theme on the invitation so guests are prepared.

Baby Showers Theme & Gift Idea

Time of Day Theme

With this theme, each guest should bring a gift that corresponds to a specific time of the baby’s day. This also assures that the expected mother will get a wide variety of useful gifts.

Assigns guests to one of the events in the baby’s day including:

  • waking uptime
  • mealtime
  • playtime
  • visiting time
  • bath time
  • nap time
  • bedtime
  • diaper time
  • guests can also be assigned a time frame such as 9 am to 1 pm or whatever you may come up with.

This theme will be great for a first-time mother who needs everything.

Basket Showers Theme

This theme gives the guests an opportunity to be creative. With this theme, each guest has to come up with a theme for their gift basket.

These ideas may include:

  • bath basket
  • diaper basket
  • toy basket
  • mealtime basket
  • and more

Its fun and interesting to see how creative guests can be.

Baby’s Firsts Theme

This theme celebrates the baby’s firsts at everything throughout the baby’s life. Gifts included items for baby’s first bath at home, shoes for baby’s first step, dinnerware for baby’s first attempt at solid foods, and more.

Shower for Mom

Baby Shower doesn’t mean that guests can only pamper the new baby. For moms that already have a lot of baby items (this may not be the first baby), this may serve as an opportunity to shower the expected mom with gifts.

You can also have themes such as nursery shower, memories showers, and more.